Divorces / Alimonies / Contacts with the child / Division of property

Our experts

We know that our clients – both those whose interests we secure under provided legal services as well as people who do not manage their own businesses – have private lives, too and thus we also support them in difficult and delicate matters from the realm of the family and guardianship law.

In addition to professional experience and substantive knowledge, we provide complete confidentiality and we act tactfully, also trying to alleviate the emotions and stress associated with thecourt proceedings, which undoubtedly affect all family members.

Our most important goal is to ensure the well-being of the client and the maximum protection of his interests both during the divorce case and in the division of property proceedings. This is important, as during divorce and separation cases, the court decides about the place of residence of the parties’ child, it entrusts parental authority over a minor – the parties’ child, it determines the schedule of contacts between the child and parents and it also sets the amount of alimony which each of the spouses is obliged to pay, to ensure adequate living conditions and education of the child.

We provide the opportunity to co-operate with detectives, psychologists and family therapy specialists.

In the above scope, the Law Office offers the following services:

  • consultations and comprehensive legal counselling to regulate the legal aspects of one’s family situation, including assistance in preparing a joint parental agreement;
  • participation in pre-court negotiations to resolve amicably issues related to divorce;
  • professional representation in court cases for separation as well as in divorce cases (both without adjudication and adjudication on the fault of the other spouse or on the fault of both parties) at every stage of the proceedings;
  • drawing up an application for securing alimony claims for the duration of court proceedings;
  • drawing up an application for securing contacts of minors with a parent for the duration of court proceedings;
  • handling cases for limitation, deprivation and suspension of parental custody;
  • handling cases for establishing a schedule of contacts with a child;
  • handling cases aimed at deciding on important matters of the child;
  • handling cases for increasing or decreasing the alimony as well as cases for lifting the alimony obligation;
  • assistance in the division of joint property, including in the case of determining unequal shares either before a notary public or in court proceedings (representation);
  • advice on matters related to property separation regime.