Criminal law / criminal and fiscal law / petty offenses / enforcement proceedings

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Criminal cases require special knowledge and an enormous involvement of a barrister, who acts in the proceedings as a defense attorney, but very often also as the victim’s representative. Abarrister appearing in the proceedings as anattorneymust not only take care for the best interest of his client, but he must also ensure that the actions taken in both preparatory, court and enforcement proceedings yield the desired results in the shortest possible time. Therefore in such cases an experienced barristeris necessary to ensure that his client’s rights are respected and protected in the best possible way.

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance to natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings, in criminal and fiscal proceedings, in petty offenses cases as well as in enforcement proceedings.

The Law Office provides i.a. the following services:

  • providing legal advice;
  • representation in preparatory proceedings, including at meetings on pre-trial detention, filing complaints about decisions regarding i.a. preventive measures, property collaterals;
  • representation in court and enforcement proceedings both in Warsaw and Poland-wide;
  • representation in proceedings before the Supreme Court;
  • representing victims and witnesses as their attorney in the course of criminal proceedings, including participation in interrogations, preparation of motions for evidence and pleadings;
  • representing the intervener and the auxiliary person held liable, as their attorney in criminal and fiscal proceedings, including participation in hearings, preparation of motions for evidence and pleadings;
  • participation in interrogationheld under the preparatory proceedings taking place at the Police, at the Prosecutor’s Office or before another authority;
  • preparing the report of a crime, a private indictment and a subsidiary indictment;
  • lodging a complaint and motions during the preparatoryproceedings;
  • representation in appeal, cassation and enforcement proceedings;
  • drawing updocuments related to recourse: complaints, appeals and pleadings;
  • preparation of cassation appeals and applications for the resumption of proceedings, if the representation by a barrister is compulsory;
  • drawing up complaints about the excessive duration of proceedings.