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Dawid Sokołowski

Dawid Sokołowski

Legal counsel

Family businesses hold a special place among our customers – interdisciplinary knowledge allows us to implement the most effective legal solutions that take into account the characteristics of the family nature of the enterprise.

When rendering services to our clients we take into account, in particular, issues related to the psychological aspects of succession, the possibility of ensuring a legal security of the enterprise, the founder’s family, its partners and business partners, the planning of succession and its tax-related aspects.

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance regarding succession in family businesses, i.e. their transfer between generations. We help clients go through the difficult process of succession, presenting the best solutions for both the founder and the successors. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the succession process, the Law Office co-operates with tax and financial advisors who support the succession planning process.

Our consulting covers both the planning as well as the implementation of the succession plan.

The Law Office also provides comprehensive legal assistance to natural persons in the broadly understood aspect of the inheritance law. Our main goal is to protect the heir, in a difficult period after the decease of a loved one – the testator, so that he/ she can painlessly go through the procedure related to the assertion of his/ her rights, which very often is quite complicated. This is of great importance especially when the testator’s will is interpreted differently by the other heirs.

The Law Office also provides legal assistance to people who want to settle property matters to the fullest extent possible, expressing their last will by drawing up a will and making relevant arrangements in the form of bequests or orders.

The Law Office also offers legal assistance to clients residing outside of Poland, who have acquired an inheritance, so as to reduce the duration of their visit in the country to the necessary minimum. We co-operate with Notaries specialising in the inheritance law.

In the above scope, the Law Office offers the following services:

  • providing legal advice;
  • drawing up applications and pleadings;
  • representation in court proceedings regarding confirmation of the acquisition of an inheritance or before a Notary Public in order to obtain an inheritance certificate;
  • acting on behalf of a statutory representative in court proceedings in order for the court to agree to reject an inheritance on behalf of a minor;
  • representing in court proceedings in the case of a guaranteed share, the release of the bequest, disinheriting, inheritance division, recognition as unworthy of inheritance, exclusion of a spouse from inheritance;
  • participation in negotiations and preparation of agreements regarding the division of the inheritance;
  • evading legal consequences of the failure to submit a declaration of rejection of an inheritance within the deadline.