Unauthorised payment card transactions

Our experts

Though a dynamic development of electronic banking products, especially payment cards, as well as a growing access to e-accounts brings many undeniable benefits to the user, it also contributes to the increase of criminal phenomena in this field.

Despite numerous security measures applied by banks, the number of unlawful takeover of clients’ bank accounts and the theft of funds accumulated on them, committed via online banking is constantly increasing.

The Law Office provides – both natural and legal persons – with comprehensive assistance in the process of recovering funds lost as a result of breaking the bank’s security mechanisms and taking over the password and login to the Internet account, as well as funds lost as a result of charging the credit or debit card account without the knowledge of the card owner.

In this scope, the Law Office renders i.a. the following services:

  • drawing up an appeal against the bank’s position rejecting the customer’s complaint regarding the refund;
  • representation in proceedings at the Banking Arbitrator;
  • submitting on behalf of the client a request to the Financial Ombudsman for carrying out the so-called intervention proceedings in connection with an unauthorised payment transaction;
  • filing a petition in court against the bank and representation during the proceedings.